OneCNCXP 5.29

New Z Level Technology Introduced:

OneCNCXP now includes new state-of-the-art Z level machining technology in the Expert and Professional versions

This is being supplied as an update at no cost to licensed users.

The new technology is now included now for setting the levels automatically in the Z level roughing.

It is now just a matter of selecting that you want the levels found automatically and it will find them.

See the notes in tips and tricks about the use as the help file is not yet updated.

PC Hardware Memory Handling:
We have been receiving some hardware crashing reports and this has been thoroughly investigated with the various combinations of hardware that users are using and we have made our software more resilient to some hardware problems in this version.

This has necessitated purchasing hardware the same as users are using for rigorous testing. This has enabled us to supply a higher level of satisfaction even with this hardware. Every effort has been made to accommodate the hardware as reported rather than just say you have a hardware problem.

This of course does not mean that you do not have to care about your hardware. You should always make sure you have the latest drivers purchase good RAM and listen to other users in the forum for hardware advice when purchasing new hardware at any time.

We have also made some adjustments for users that attempt to machine models with a very high tolerance and in fact some cases the machining tolerance was much higher than the tolerance that the model was created in SW. We have made our software also more resilient to that type of problem.

We also would like to advise that we have been carrying out very stringent testing and we have a definite preference for Windows XP professional and from our tests we believe that that is more resilient to hardware and memory although we are not advocating that every user should purchase it but rather than just to advise of our findings.

This also fixes the reported Multi Lingual problem in the Job manager notes.

Contact your sales office for the link to download.